Nails Pedicure

We Reign Supreme when it comes to “Our Nail Services” our manicures and pedicures will turn heads time after time. What sets Prema apart from the rest? We are here to answer questions, our expertly trained Nail Technicians have all undergone extensive training to ensure the highest quality and consistency of service is always maintained. You can rest assured knowing that your nails will be “ polished to perfection”.

Spa Pedicures

The Pure Platinum Pedicure

This pedicure is absolutely heavenly. It begins with a customized foot bath in our “Top of the Line Pedi Tub”. The finest sugar scrubs are used to exfoliate and soften the feet . The nails are reshaped to perfection. The cuticles groomed and conditioned. The Callus remover gets rid of excess buildup. A cooling sea mud mask is applied followed by warm towels. A massage with hot stones is used toenergize tired, overworked feet. Warm hydrating lotion is applied for skin renewal. An extended massage is given up to the knee to increase circulation and revitalize the entire body. Hot towels follow the massage to relieve any stress and tension left in the feet. This pedicure is worth the wait! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

80 minutes of bliss $100

Our Traditional Pedicure

Prema Pedi

Our most popular pedicure. We start with vital minerals in the water to bring relief to tired, achy legs and feet. The nails are reshaped, conditioned, and cuticles detailed. A salt glow exfoliation is used for skin renewal. Callus remover is used to take off layers of cracked, skin. The session is enhanced with a cooling mask on the calves, then wrapped in hot towels. Indulge the feet in warm paraffin followed by a revitalizing massage, to melt layers of stress and tension.

50 minutes $55

Basic Mani

This manicure is for the “girl on the go”. When time is of the essence, this is the crowd favorite. The manicure starts with basic cuticles cleaned, pushed back, nails filed and buff. Includes a relaxing hand massage and polish of your choice.

20 minutes $20

Simple Pedi

The pedicure includes an aromatic soak to soften, soothe and hydrate, rough, dry skin. Cuticle softeners and scrubs are used. Nails reshaped, cuticles detailed and buffering to the perfect shine. Callus remover is applied. Hydrating lotion is used. A soothing massage to the knee to relax the entire body. Followed by hot towels. The perfect polish of your choice to compliment the service.

30 minutes $30

The Princess Pedi

The finest pampering for our little” Crown Jewel”. For ages 12 and under, the little lady gets all the benefits of foot soak, exfoliation, nail shaping and cuticles groomed , followed by a gentle massage, and warm towels. Those perfect nails are “ polished to perfection”.

20 minutes $20