Nails Manicures

We Reign Supreme when it comes to “Our Nail Services” our manicures and pedicures will turn heads time after time. What sets Prema apart from the rest? We are here to answer questions, our expertly trained Nail Technicians have all undergone extensive training to ensure the highest quality and consistency of service is always maintained. You can rest assured knowing that your nails will be “ polished to perfection”.

Spa Manicures

Signature Manicure

This manicure is a favorite of many of our customers. We start with a warm hydrating soak, followed by exfoliating aroma scrubs that gives the hands their silky smooth feel. A soothing, moisturizing lotion is applied for a relaxing/hand arm massage. The polish of your choice is applied to perfection.

30 Minutes $35

Talk to the Hands Manicure

This customized manicure is definitely for “ the woman who dares to be different”. Our skilled Nail tech is the Artisan at “work”. This manicure speaks to you without you saying a word. “Talk to the Hands”. It screams with “I got this” Whatever your personality, however the wind blows, we are here to make it “just the way you like it.”

50 minutes for $60