The Prema Signature Massage

The perfect blend of touch and ambiance, warm soothing oils to indulge the senses, and the pure essence of peace and calm. This guest favorite includes a foot massage for head-to-toe balance and relaxation.

50 minutes $95

80 minutes $125

The Hot Rock Massage

A Swedish massage using healing hot stones in precise areas to penetrate sore muscles. The end result
is total body relaxation.

50 minutes $95

The Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure and skillful hand movements, target stressed overworked muscles, to unlock tension and
relieve pain. An ideal pre workout or post workout massage.

50 minutes $125

80 minutes $145

The Athlete’s Choice

This massage focuses on specific areas in relation to the activity being performed. Deep pressure is used on overstressed muscles, followed by gentle stretching. A soothing gel is used to warm the muscles. A penetrating lotion is used to tone, condition and repair muscles, tendons and ligaments. This massage helps improve athletic performance.

50 minutes $125

80 minutes $145

Upper Body Massage

This massage focuses entirely on back, neck, shoulders and hands. A great way to loosen major restricted muscles and energize the body quickly.

35 minutes $75

The Prenatal Massage

This massage is designed specifically for the mother-to-be. Soft pillows are provided for lots of support. This massage is deeply relaxing and very helpful for the discomforts that are associated with pregnancy.

50 minutes $105

The Perfect Couple’s Massage

Retreat to the Couple’s Suite with low lights, candles, the aroma and soothing music to set the mood. A blend of light to medium strokes and warm oils for ultimate relaxation and soul renewal.

50 minutes $190

80 minutes $260


Specialized pressure techniques are applied to specific reflex points on the feet to release blockedenergy, relieves stress and boost circulation. Includes warm foot soak, and hot towel wrap.

40 minutes $55 Add Hot Stones $65